How does diamond painting work?

Diamond Painting Instructions

Diamond painting is one of the creative trends of recent years that no one, young or old, can resist. Creating fascinating DIY paintings from small, sparkling diamond stones is not only incredibly fun, but is also very relaxing and has an almost meditative character.

Whether to promote creativity and fine motor skills for children, as a concentration exercise for seniors or simply as a relaxing counterbalance to the hectic working day for everyone - diamond painting offers something for everyone and rewards you with a great result that you can hang on your wall at home or give as a gift to a loved one. And the best thing: getting started in the fascinating world of diamond painting is child's play, as our following step-by-step instructions show you.

Diamond Painting Tools

For diamond painting you need a few tools, which are included in every set from the range. These include:

  • A canvas with a self-adhesive protective film on which the motif is printed
  • Small stones ("diamonds") in round or square shape in all required colors
  • An applicator for picking up and placing the stones
  • A bowl ("boat") for the diamonds you need at the moment
  • Wax so that the stones stick to the applicator
  • Number and symbol table showing which diamonds belong to which place on the motif canvas

How does diamond painting work?

Basically, the process of diamond painting is similar to painting by numbers, which is popular with children and adults. Here, too, you have to fill individual fields with predefined colors, which when put together create a motif. Instead of normal paint that is applied with a brush, however, diamond painting involves placing small acrylic stones, which are diamond-cut to give them their characteristic sparkle, on the canvas, which - similar to a mosaic - gradually create an impressive picture.

The effects of the diamond-shaped stones inspire people of all ages, so many would like to start diamond painting right away. No problem, after all, neither special prior knowledge nor special skills are required for this creative hobby, so with a little practice even children can create fascinating diamond paintings.

Tip for diamond painting with children: Pay attention to the age recommendation for the pictures and start with simple, child-friendly motifs such as animals that children love. This is fun and the children quickly have a sense of achievement with the pictures they create themselves. With smaller children, you should definitely stay close by and make sure that they do not accidentally put the small acrylic diamonds in their mouths and swallow them.

What stone shapes are there?

Round or square? Acrylic diamonds come in different shapes. Find out which option is better for you here.

Basically, there are round or square diamonds. The round stones have the advantage that they are easier to position, but the spaces between the stones are larger. Conversely, the spaces between square stones are smaller, but they are more difficult to place. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste and with a little practice, both variants are easy to handle. The stones can be cut in different ways and have a different number of facets. 3D and 5D diamonds are common.

The more facets the stone has, the more intensely it will make your picture sparkle. With the stones and the other accessories, a little time and the desire to be creative, you are well equipped for your diamond painting. And this is how it works:

Step-by-step instructions in 10 steps

TIP: Make sure you have the right lighting, because especially with complex motifs there are often many color nuances that are difficult to distinguish from one another in poor lighting conditions and make it difficult to select the right stones. Real diamond painting professionals like so-called light pads that illuminate the canvas from below. If you don't want to invest that much money, a normal tablet on which you open a white screen is sufficient.

  • Find a table that is large enough to spread out the canvas and accommodate the other accessories for your diamond painting.

    Tip: For smaller motifs, a suitably large wooden cutting board can also be used as a base. The advantage of this is that you can transport your work as you wish and are flexible in choosing where to place it. You can also easily move the picture to the side if you need the space for something else.

  • Choose a spot on the canvas where you want to start gluing the diamonds. The individual fields are marked with letters, numbers or symbols that represent certain colored stones.

    Tip: Start at the top corner of the motif and then work your way down bit by bit. This will make the canvas more likely to move upwards as you work, rather than slipping away at the bottom. This will also prevent diamonds from coming off when you place your arms on the diamond painting.

  • Find the colored stones you need for this section and place them in the bowl (sometimes called a boat). Shake them gently so they turn faceted top up.
  • Peel off a small piece (approx. 10 x 10 cm) of the protective film from the desired part of the canvas - but only a small piece, otherwise the adhesive on the rest of the canvas will dry out or become contaminated by dust.
  • First, press the applicator (also called a painting pen) into the wax included in the set, wipe off any excess material and then carefully pick up the first stone with the pen. Make sure that the flat side is facing downwards.
  • If it becomes increasingly difficult to pick up the stones, it may be because the wax needs to be replaced. In this case, simply remove the wax residue from the applicator and dip it in the fresh wax to restore adhesion.
  • Now proceed in the same way, field by field, and gradually bring the motif to life.
  • Once all the stones are in place, cover the entire canvas with cling film and carefully press it down with a book (or a rolling pin) so that the diamonds are securely attached.
  • To seal the finished diamond painting at the end, a special top coat is recommended, which ensures extra-secure hold and a special shine. In our online shop you will find a suitable special sealant, which is best ordered directly with your diamond painting set.